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Don’t stress over chimney repair. While the craftsmanship required to problem-solve safely and effectively requires specialized expertise, Ocean Breeze Property Services handles issues with skilled protocols and a depth of experience and resources. Family-operated, locally owned, and a premier service provider in South Kingstown, RI and surrounding areas in Rhode Island for more than three decades, our reputation as an affordable source of reliable results is well-proven.

Do You Need Chimney Repairs in South Kingstown, RI and surrounding areas in Rhode Island?

Most homeowners aren’t well-versed in the components of the chimney or the ins and outs of maintenance. Chimney linings prevent fires and corrosion. The chimney’s cap and crown protect against the elements, promote proper airflow, and prevent pests from getting inside. Mortar keeps the masonry together. The flue draws smoke and sparks up through the chimney while the damper opens and closes depending on the operation. Like any other aspect of the home’s structure, chimneys deteriorate over time. Minor issues can be difficult to detect without comprehensive inspection yet are essential to safe performance.

Repointing and Roof Flashing from Our Experts

For repointing, our skilled team carefully assesses the condition of your property’s masonry, identifying areas in need of attention. We then employ specialized tools and techniques to remove deteriorated mortar and replace it with high-quality, weather-resistant material. Our goal is not only to restore the structural integrity of your masonry but also to enhance its aesthetic appeal, ensuring a seamless blend with the existing architecture.

When it comes to roof flashing, we understand the critical role it plays in safeguarding your home against water damage. Our experienced technicians meticulously inspect your roof, identifying potential areas of weakness or deterioration. Using durable flashing materials and precise installation methods, we create a watertight barrier around vulnerable roof penetrations, such as chimneys, skylights, and vents. The result is a robust defense against leaks and moisture intrusion, helping to preserve the integrity of your home’s interior and exterior.

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If it’s been a while since you’ve had your chimney evaluated or you suspect damage, reach out to Ocean Breeze Property Services online or by calling (401) 782-2000. Take advantage of a free estimate anywhere across all of Rhode Island including South Kingstown, Wakefield, Narragansett, North Kingstown, Newport, East Greenwich, & Charlestown, RI. We are proficient in everything from repairing roof flashing to repointing. Like Family, We Protect What Matters.

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